L'ARC MAJEUR: the worksite underway!

April 23rd 2019: Launch of L'Arc Majeur worksite at Lavaux-Sainte-Anne, Belgium.

The earthworks and foundation works required to install the Arc Majeur began on this day along the E 411at Lavaux-Sainte-Anne, Belgium.

L'Arc Majeur is a collective project under the leadership of the John Cockerill Foundation which has organized experienced technical service providers around the project along with sponsoring organizations and institutional partners.

The monumental work by artist Bernar Venet was entirely manufactured in our Seraing workshops, within the Welding Expertise Center. It is composed of two arches.

Positioned at the side of the motorway, the major arch culminates at 60 metres high.  A smaller one, at 20 metres, is positioned opposite. The whole work frames the E 411 Namur-Luxembourg motorway at kilometre marker 99.

The major part of the arch is made up of three sections of around 20 metres each. These were transported to the site by an ‘abnormal’ road convoy and assembled together using strapping inside the caissons. A peripheral weld is then put in place at the joins to definitively assemble the different sections. The small part of the arch is transported as a single completely finished piece.

The arches are supported by a concrete foundation laid onto the ground. This required prior earthworks of around 1,000m³ into the rock. The dimensions of the foundations are impressive: Some 17 m long and 3 m wide. It varies from 1.60 m to 3050 m in thickness in order to enable a technical gallery to be installed, making it possible to visually examine the anchor points and, if necessary, replace them.

The work was assembled at the end of the summer and officially inaugurated in the autumn.