Exhibition: ‘John Cockerill 200 years of future’ at La Boverie

On the occasion of the bicentennial of the arrival of John Cockerill in Seraing in 1817, the John Cockerill Foundation and the CMI Group put on an exhibition entitled ‘John Cockerill, 200 Years of Future’, at the ‘La Boverie’ museum in Liège.

The exhibition ‘John Cockerill, 200 Years of Future’ presented a first ever look back at 200 years of industrial adventure. In 2017, John Cockerill, who had recently come to live in Seraing, initiated the Industrial Revolution in Belgium. Thanks to the mechanization of industry, he irreversibly modified the course of history, at economic, social and urban planning levels, both of the region but also far beyond. For 200 years his visionary and pugnacious spirit has inspired thousands of men and women. So many people who have thus been able to create the responses to the preoccupations of each era.

As the industrial heir of John Cockerill, the CMI Group had a duty to preserve his memory and, during the year of the bicentennial, to share it with as many as possible.

Thanks to numerous objects, witness statements, animations, films… the exhibition shed light on all that had happened. Composed of multiple experiences (a meeting with John Cockerill, immersion in a Bessemer steelworks, a voyage through time along the Meuse), the exhibition explored a wide range of possibilities and also proposed some reflection on the place of industry in the connected world of today and tomorrow. The exhibition was in fact the culmination of 200 years of industrial adventure but also a pivotal moment between this important heritage and the future which is opening out to us.

The exhibition ‘John Cockerill, 200 Years of Future’ was on at the ‘La Boverie’ museum from June 2nd to September 17th 2017. Specific media tools were developed for the primary and secondary schoolchildren. Information, guided visits and tariffs were made available on www.cockerill200.com.

The John Cockerill Foundation was established on January 26th 2017 and published in the ‘Moniteur Belge’ official company registry, in other words 200 years to the day since John Cockerill bought the Chateau. Its ambition is to explore and pass on the heritage left to us by John Cockerill. It coordinates and supports all non-profit-making activities which enable the public at large to remember the past in order to understand the present and to set out into the future. This translates in a certain way as identifying and sharing the keys to understanding the human and industrial adventure of Cockerill and his heirs.

Véronique Sorlet – Spokesperson of the John Cockerill Foundation 
Mail: info@fondationjohncockerill.com - Tel. : +32 491 22 42 46