Did you know ... ? #01

What are we celebrating in 2017?

It is in 1817 that John Cockerill chooses Seraing as the place where he is to develop his industrial complex. On January 26th, he buys the former residence of the Bishop-Princes from the Dutch government. This is to become the 'Château Cockerill', and which is today the headquarters of the CMI Group.

A manufacturer of textile machines, John Cockerill's ambition is to create a vast industrial concern, which requires space and raw material resources. In this region he finds iron ore, limestone, coal and know-how, which allow him to make the steel he will need to carry out his trade of equipment supplier.

So it is that John Cockerill brings the most recent technological innovations and constructs one of the first integrated industries in history. He makes of the Liège region one of the principal cradles of the industrial revolution in continental Europe.

In 2017, we are therefore celebrating the bicentenary of what history will record as the start of the 'John Cockerill' adventure. And CMI is one of his most direct heirs.