In 2017, the John Cockerill Group created the John Cockerill Foundation (a private foundation under Belgian law) to continue to highlight the heritage of John Cockerill, of which the Group is one of the last heirs and, above all, the only one still bearing his name.

The aim of the foundation? To structure the sponsorship policy of the John Cockerill Group in Belgium and abroad. The foundation reflects the values of the company, in particular respect for its history and recognition of its professions, but also its global strategy, territories, products, services and markets. In creating this foundation we want to preserve, transmit to the community, develop and share the tangible and intangible heritage bequeathed by our founder, John Cockerill.

The foundation coordinates and supports on a daily basis any activity that honors our heritage (tangible, intangible, values, memorial, etc.), but also activity in the areas of culture and industrial heritage, humanitarian or social activity. Its activity takes the forms of financial partnerships or partnerships in kind, skills or services.