In 2017, the John Cockerill Group created the John Cockerill Foundation (a private foundation under Belgian law).

Our aim? To structure the John Cockerill Group's sponsorship policy, both in Belgium and abroad. Faithful to the company's values, our foundation echoes its history and its businesses, but also its global strategy, its territories and markets, its products and its services. 

On a daily basis, we coordinate a series of initiatives for a better world. Our actions are carried out according to the principle of mixed sponsorship, i.e. financial and in-kind investments through the provision of skills, products or services. 
All over the world, communities are facing multiple and complex challenges. We aim to support them in making their lives more dignified.

We focus our efforts on tangible and local projects, in synergy with the UN's sustainable development goals: reducing poverty and inequality, access to vital resources and education, improving well-being and quality of life. 

"Alone we go faster, together we go further". This African proverb perfectly summarises the advantages of collective intelligence. In line with this vision, we want to bring together and channel all the positive energies, with a view to creating new and innovative solutions that meet the needs of communities. To build tomorrow's better world today. 

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